Recover whatsapp deleted photos, videos and messages

In this article we will talk about how to recover whatsapp deleted photos, videos and messages.

Recover Deleted Whatsapp Messages

Did you know that WhatsApp does not make it easy for you to recover any data that you have deleted? But don’t worry, there are ways around these restrictions. The first way is by going into the phone settings app on your device and following the steps below:

1) Go to the Privacy Settings option (typically under the Applications tab).

2) Click on the Backup option.

3) You will be able to choose between backing up your WhatsApp data “Always” or “When Battery is Low” and you can also choose to turn off automatic backups if you would like.

Enabling backups will of course use more battery and also require regular internet connectivity, so if you are running low on either of those, it might be a good idea to turn your backup settings off.

Note: The backup function will only back up the information that you added after enabling the option.

Alternate Solution: The other way (which is much quicker) to get your WhatsApp data back is by using a 3rd party app such as WazzapMigrator. You can download it on the Play Store by visiting this link . You can use it if your device is rooted.

WazzapMigrator is the fastest WhatsApp data recovery tool in the market right now and works about 90% of the time for recovering Whatsapp messages. It does not require root access and it does not need Wi-Fi or internet connection. It is easy to use and it can recover almost all types of files from your WhatsApp backup files. It will also provide you with a free unlimited trial version which you can use to try out the app to see if it works on your device before buying it.

How to Change Whatsapp Home Screen Background 2022

Whatsapp Background Wallpaper

WhatsApp with multiple billion clients and considering has effectively arisen one of the biggest texting applications across the globe. The application empowers its clients to associate with companions or family across topographical, political, or monetary lines. The Facebook-claimed application continues to include new highlights its gadgets to give a smooth informing experience to its clients.

The app even affords you with high quality skills through which you may alternate your WhatsApp chat records wallpaper. but, many of the customers also can recognize about the opportunity of converting the wallpaper already. But, there are many who do not understand about it.

WhatsApp allows you to change the WhatsApp default interface to a picture or a robust color that you opt for over the expert wallpapers. Now, if you want to trade WhatsApp chat historical beyond wallpaper, here is a grade by grade guide you could follow.

Step 1: Open WhatsApp software for your Android

Step 2 Next, on the home tab tab More options. 

 On an Android, click the three perpendicular spots within the top-right corner. 

 Step 3: Then click on Settings


Step 4: at the Settings web page choose Chats.

Step 5: On the brand new display select Wallpaper. you may get 5 options:

No wallpaper: Tapping on “No wallpaper” will do away with your WhatsApp chat historical past wallpaper

Gallery: Tapping on “Gallery” on Android permits you to load wallpaper out of your photograph library.

stable color: Tapping on “stable shades” opens up a ramification of shade alternatives.

Wallpaper library: Tapping on “Wallpaper Library” will open a screen of preloaded wallpapers.

Default: Tapping on “Default” will set the default chat history wallpaper

Step 6: pick someone from the given option.

Step 7: After making changes, click Set.